How to enjoy London life on a healthy way

How to enjoy London life on a healthy way

The first word I am going to say is I Love London!!! yeah I really do! but do not get me wrong when I say it can be a really stressful place to live. As a tourist you would probably think you must be crazy, but let me show you just one day of our life.

Unless you have the job under your house be prepare to take the transport because even if you have a car you would prefer to take the train, traffic is horrible, I would arrive early to work if I would do it walking. Everyone goes to work almost same hours so it would be really difficult avoid massive people around.  Get bored because, it cant be possible, as soon you start you will not stop until you realize is time to go, everything here goes, quick, quick, quick.

On your time to your way back, if you had took the transport minimum it would take like 45 minutes to arrive home. In my case always I have to be on time to pick up my daughter, so I never at home before 16:00, then do homework, prepare something to eat, because kids are  starving at this time of the day, as they had their meal around 12:00 so you cant wait, prepare meals for the next time, have a shower, dinner, prepare uniforms, do a little bit of clean, go to bed, next day repeat…

So when the times went? did I have time to myself?Did I have time to go buy groceries,? time to enjoy the day?… Well I didn’t, until I realized this is not a kind of life, and learned how to do my days more productive for me and my family. My first advised stay organised.

I can consider myself lucky as I work Monday to Friday for now,  so I always try to plan a week ahead on Sundays.  If it is not this your case, just on one of your days off.

I will give you tips to do not be catch up for this stressful London life and enjoy what you need to enjoy.

First and the most important do my groceries at Amazon Fresh , in Spain I would never though about it but I have to recognize that here has change my life. Makes me save my time and I get so much benefits like have my delivery next day.

I am so sure you have probably hear this already but plan your meal for the week. In my case  I always do for me and my son. Lucky my daughter still have free meal at school. To be honest I am really bad cooker, I am the one always on Pinterest looking for innovate. I was thinking to share them on the blog so if you think I should do,  because you want to be advise,or do not have time, please let me know on the comments I would love to do it.

Lately I had experience so much stress because the blog, my job, kids…. so I have started meditation, it is only my first week, but I highly recommend it.  Something I have started too because I am almost 8 hours or more seat  on a chair  is to do  some exercise as well.   Maybe sounds so much… I wouldn’t have time, ladies not excuses 15 minutes is enough and I found one on Youtube I just love it… and you will too.


If you use the public transport try to relax on your way with a nice book, I show down the last best sellers whatever you like. And to make sure you are on time and not rush you should have City mapper the best app to know the transport schedule.


Well if you live in London you must know what I am talking about, I have to say I would be so great full if you share some tips with us to do this London Life much better.

Never complaining I love this city and if you want to know how to find the best of it walk around.

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