Fashion Designed Graduates 2017. London

London is fashion, that´s why  I could not miss the event from last night.

Distinctive graduate Fashion Show is an independent show and Pop Up  for fashion Designed Graduates and upcoming designers. I have to recognise I was impressed for the talent of these amazing women.

Distinctive GFS is having its premier show this year 2017, but the event is designed to take place annually bringing all creatives, such upcoming designers, photographers models, make up artists, and hair stylist all together to having a fashion show.

This event has the potential off setting, such graduates and upcoming designers in good positions for a comercialand rewarding career path in this competitive industry.

Mango New Collection

I am going to present now the 5 ollections we had the privilege to enjoy.

Anita Adamu is the founder of Distintive GFS and fashion design graduate from the universityof Bedfordshire. She enjoys working with the arquitecture as most her inspiration comes from buildings and arquitectural edifices. The concept of this collection  Called Faux Heights is inspired by arquitecture.

Julia Baranovskaja the inspiration from her last collection is based on the era around the begining of the Renaissance in England. Particulary looked at the dynasty of the Tudors. The collection is called The Tudors Wives.

This collection consist in 6 outfits and is a combination of the fabric used back then, heavy Fabrics (real leather) and  delicate fabrics, using  pallet colours  based on the popular colours used in that era (gold, burned orange)with some pastels.

Liberty London Reset 2018


Rodege Mbemba is a fashion graduate who had a fashion background before. She is really passionate about fashion  and she came up with an amazing collection inspired by the famous story of Little Red Riding Hood. This collection is called La vie Rouge, and the choice of this colour is representative of love. something that resonates with her personality.

Kezban Kilic. Is 25 years old British turkishfashion design graduate Kezban´s graduate collection which she called Kefcollection was inspired by the turkish ottoman Empire and the tughra signature.

River Island

Iramtario is a recent fashion design graduate from east london who graduated from University Of Bedfordshire. This collection is tittled V.G.C.PS and was inspired by tecnology devices such as playstation, consoles and video games.

Cath Kidston (UK)

I have to say thank you to having me tonigh, it was a pleasure to expose in Enjoy London your passion about fashion. I wish you all the best and to Marc daniel taher without his look book I could not write this post.