How to Enjoy Luxury in London without break the bank

London life is really Expensive you don’t realise that until you visit the city for the first time. So much Luxury around is always a temptation. With a family is an impossibility unless you have a huge salary. But how can you enjoy that and not spend so much? Follow until the end of the post and you will understand how.


La vida Londinense es muy cara; uno no se da cuenta hasta que visita la ciudad por primera vez. Tanto lujo es siempre una gran tentación. Con familia es un imposible, a no ser que dispongas de un buen salario. Pero como disfrutar de algo así sin que tiemble tu cuenta bancaria?. Pues bien, sigue hasta el final del post, que te lo cuento…
As you can see few days ago I had a wonderful Afternoon Tea at MyFair, one of the most luxury boroughs in central London because of wowcher . Have a look at their website, and you will be surprised what amazing deals they have to enjoy the city without break the bank.
Hace unos días pude disfrutar de un maravilloso Afternoon Tea en MyFair, uno de los barrios mas caros del centro de Londres, gracias a Wowcher. Echar un vistazo a su web y os sorprenderá la cantidad de ofertas que tiene para disfrutar de la ciudad sin romper la banca

I will tell you a secret they running until the 17th of November a competition to win incredible prizes including a weekend trip to Paris, so I would not wait to visit their website.

I have to say even I have received a wowcher afternoon tea all opinios are on my own and I trully recomend it.