Why your kids will love Kidzania/Porque tus hijos adoraran kidzania

Why your kids will love Kidzania/Porque tus hijos adoraran kidzania

Por mis historias de instagram te habras dado cuenta que hace poco estuvimos en Kidzania. Que todavia no sabes que es? La verdad que yo tampoco pero ahora que lo he descubierto te aviso que tus hijos, nietos, primos querran volver una y otra vez  a vosotras os encataran dejarlos ya os explico al final el porque…

If you follow me on instagram, you already know few weeks ago we were  at Kidzania.

If you don’t know what I am talking about keep reading, I didn’t know too, but now, trust me every kid around you, would love to go and you must take, specially mummies, I will let you know why…

Tinny world where your kids could explore up to 60 real life activities, they will let them learn as the same time they are having fun. From musicians, cookers, police, actors…they will find they profession. is from 4-14 years old and from 8 you can even leave them alone, without any worry. Just at the entrance they give a bracalet it only match with your and aloow you to see where is the kid every single moment, and when you have to pick them up they check them again to avoid the kids to live with someone else apart of you. And what that means if you are of one of the biggest shop center in London… exactly relax shopping. Anyway if you prefer to stay, not problem at all because they are place for adults too you can be whyile your kids they having an amazing time.


Un pequeño mundo el cual vuestros niños podran explorar 60 actividades de la vida real, lo cual les permitira aprender y divertise de la manera mas original. Desde azafata de vuelo, pasando por cocineros, veterinarios, dependientas de ropa, bomberos, policias, presentadoras de television, musica, actores, futobloistas…asi hasta 60 profesiones. Las edades recomendadas son de 4-14 años y atentos a partir de los 8 los puedes dejar solos con absoluta tranquilidad. Resulta que a la entrada perfectamente simulada como un aeropuerto realizais el checking y os colocan una pulseras magnetizadas unicas identicas para las dos, dichas pulseras os permiten saber donde se encuentran vustros hijos en cada momento y a la hora de salir las compruban para que el niñ@ no pueda ser recogido por otra persona que no seas tu.

Mamis eso esta genial porque al estar situado en uno de los centros comerciales mas grandes de Londres significa shopping relajado mientras tus niños se divierten.

Si eres de las que prefiere quedarse en el lugar, ningun problema porque hay lugar para los padres tambien ya que es una mini ciudad lugar para tomarte algo no te falta; de hecho tambien es un lugar super original para celebrar los cumpleaños,yo lo tengo decidido, ademas Natalia se quedo con ganas demas y la verdad con lo que a mi me gusto tambien creo que merece la pena sacarse el pase anual, especialmente para cusndo llega el invierno que da mas pereza salir, esto es ideal vamos perfecto para ellos.

It is also amazing for birthday parties, and because they would love come back it is worth it to have annual pass specially now winter time you don’t know where to go when is raining or too cold





  • Robin Rue

    That sounds SO FUN! My kids would definitely love Kidzania!!!

  • Katja Knox

    This looks like such a cool experience! Is it really wrong if I want to go and explore there with the kids myself rather than hanging out with the other adults 😀
    Katja xxx

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I have never heard of this, but it looks like a great place for kids! I know mine would love it and we would have an annual pass if we lived in the area!

  • Oh cool, I hadn’t heard of this before. It looks like a place my daughter would have a blast at. My daughter loves to cook.

  • Lynnette Joselly

    My Godson went to something similar in Texas and he had a blast!

  • Jamie M. Causer Nicholls

    What an awesome concept! I am from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and would love to know if there is anything similar by me? My kids would have a blast!

  • Cristina Leau

    This is really cool. I wander if we have something similar where I live. I think I would enjoy it as well.

  • Emmanuel Damian

    We have Kidzania too in my country. It really teaches the child to be more responsible while having fun at the same time.

  • Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

    A mis hijos les encantaría ir a Kidzania. Tendremos que visitar la próxima vez que vayamos a Londres.

  • Dawn Wairimu

    this place looks amazing! i have never heard of kidzania but it looks like such a fun spot for kids!

  • This place looks amazing! must be so great for kids! And for grown ups as well!

  • Shannon Graham

    Oh wow, what an awesome experience. I think I would love it too!

  • Tanya Finks

    That place really looks amazing. What interesting activities they have for kids. And it looks like they could spend hours without running out of things to do. Great find!

  • Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi

    Such a cool and beautiful place for kids! Fun seems really insured here!

  • wow. I’ve never heard of kidzania! it looks like loads of fun! and the fact that kids can make their own food is so cool. what an experience.

  • Nancy

    Love it when creative people not only come up with ideas to entertain kids, BUT also help them develop some skills. (Which cooking does) The annual pass is a great idea to keep coming back and try new recipes.