6 original places to have the afternoon Tea in London/ 6 lugares originales donde tomar el Afternoon Tea en Londres

6 original places to have the afternoon Tea in London/ 6 lugares originales donde tomar el Afternoon Tea en Londres

One of the most famous traditions in London is the Afternoon tea, there are million of ways to have the afternoon Tea, many places to do it, and obviously you can’t go without do it.

Una de las costumbres mas conocidas de Inglaterra es el Afternoon Tea. Hay mil maneras y  miles de lugares donde tomarlo y, por supuesto, no te puedes ir de Londres sin hacerlo.

Como ya comente anteriormente, aquí la tradición viene de hace años y os muestro 6 formas originales de poder disfrutarlo.

As I told you already here this tradition came long time ago and I show you 6 original ways to have it.

Afternoon Tea at the British Museum.  Este museo es de visita obligada si vienes a Londres, en su restaurante Great Court podrás disfrutar del te después de una intensa Mañana cargada de historia. If it your firs time in London you will visit this museum for sure, after busy morning around history why do not have nice afternoon tea at their Restaurant Great Court.


Cutty Shark Afternoon Tea. Que mejor que disfrutar del te en un barco que, especialmente, se dedicaba al transporte  desde china a Inglaterra. Why do not take the tea in a boat was transport it from china to England long time ago.


Afternoon Tea on the River by a Cruise  A mi me encantan los barcos; si a ti también, te gustara disfrutar del te durante un crucero por el Thamesis. If you love the cruise as I do you will love too have the afternoon tea on the Thames.

 Afternoon Tea at the Shard Si eres una apasionado de las alturas “The shard” te encantara. If you love enjoy the views from the city you can do it from the shard.


Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason fundado en 1707 es como un museo del te. Encontraras para comprar te de todas las clases, infusiones, café, libros relacionados… prácticamente un museo. Así que apuesto “the afternoon tea” de aquí es maravilloso. Si es de tu elección, recomiendo que reserves con antelación, porque te  aseguro que no es muy fácil encontrar mesa. Founded in 1707 is like a tea Museum, I would recommend you to book in advance because is really famous.


B-Bakery    Es de mis preferidas, porque, ademas de hacer crucero por el thamesis, también lo hace en bus por la ciudad. Puedes elegir la opción de picnic, bastante divertida, y también delivery por si prefieres tomar el te en el hotel o, por que no, que te lo lleven a casa. One of my favourites, it does afternoon tea cruise too but they offer the option to do bus route at central London while you have your afternoon tea, you can take their special picnic afternoon tea too or they even can delivery it to you. Funny ah!

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Me encantan todas, pero estoy deseando hacer la del Bus por la ciudad, que parece divertido y a Natalia seguro le encanta. Y vosotr@s ¿cual es vuestra preferida, me recomendáis alguna otra? de todas formas ya dije que hay miles, pronto os recopilare algunos lugares mas.

I love all of them but I will like to do the Bus route soon with Natalia, and you which one do you prefer? Do you recommend me another way? As I said there are much more ways to have it but these took my attention. Anyway I will show you more soon. 


  • shootingstarsmag

    I had tea last fall when I went to London, but I went to a hotel and it was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed. Too fun! I DID go to Fortnum and Mason but just to get ice cream. 🙂


  • Elizabeth/Confidently Elegant

    I love the idea of afternoon tea! Next time I’m in London I’m looking forward to checking out the places on this list!

  • We’re planning a trip to England for next summer, so thanks for reminding me about afternoon tea. I worked in Australia quite a bit in the ’90s and loved finding places with Devonshire tea … to see who made the best scones & jam. Had lots of fun rating maybe 30 places around Sydney.

  • Belswan

    A mi eso de la tradicion del te me parce precioso. ademas te ponen unas pastitas o bizcochitos irresistibles…. Solo tengo un problema..El té en sí no me hace nada de gracia. Lo que es el clasico, si hay variaciones como ahora y se puede elegir dentro de una gama de tés, me apunto la primera.

  • Nikki Arnold

    These look great!! I love having high tea and would definitely be on my list of things to do when I visit London. I love all of these options you have suggested.

  • England is on my 2017 bucket list! High tea is on the top of the list for THAT trip! I can’t wait to get there, and try all of these places for tea and scones!

  • Jessica SP

    Mi favorita es b-bakery si algún día voy creeme que la haré,un gran post con muchas ideas,un abrazo!!!

  • Thomas

    I think we will be popping into a few of these place when we are on holiday especially tea on the boat.

  • Michelle VA

    These all look like amazing and fun places to visit. If I ever visit London, I am going to check these out.

  • Frosted Events

    Such a good place and I would love to visit there. London was one of my bucket list glad you share this

  • Vishal

    I thought I am the only one who loves afternoon tea. I wasn’t aware that I am not alone. I even have like minded peeps in London too. But its good information.

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    One day I hope to visit London and go to some of these places to experience tea time. I have been visiting many local tearooms and enjoy going.

  • The young girl in me would LOVE to go to any of these places for afternoon tea.

  • Resi

    Nunca he estado en Londres pero me guardo la entrada precisamente por eso, algún día iré y me encantará tener estos sitios, el que más me ha gustado es el Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason, eso de que prácticamente sea un museo y poder comprar té y libros relacionados, que pasada, ah y me apunto lo de reserva mesa!

  • alessia

    I visit london many and many times and I never never never had an afternoon tea! I don’t know why! But I want to do it the next time 😀 so happy you write this post I will save it and use it in the right moment kiss kiss from italy!!!

  • LearningToAdventure

    So lovely to see your embracing one of our very quintessentially English traditions. Nothing beats a good cup of tea and some cake!! Although I lived in London for 4 years I’ve never heard of B-Bakery, but it’s now firmly on my list for my next trip back down South!

  • Teaching InSpain

    We are visiting Canterbury soon and look forward to a day trip to London. Some great tips on something we both enjoy. Lovely photos too!

  • Katina Davenport

    This looks like a deliciously good time in England. I have never been.

  • Ang

    WOW! This looks like such a good time! And all the food looks just amazing. I’d love to go there.

  • Kaya La Roche

    This reminds me why I love this city so much! I live just an hour from London so will be visiting these places soon 🙂

  • We visited London many years ago but never took the time to have tea. Now I wish we had! Have to go back!

  • Louise Smith

    My mum and dad had afternoon tea on the bus last year and said it was fantastic. I like the look of having it on the Thames, or at the Cutty Sark 🙂

    Louise x

  • I would love to visit London someday! Having tea at these places in London sounds so .. chic! I hope I can do this someday soon!

  • katrina

    i have been wanting to go to london for so long. one day i will get there and eat my way through it all.

  • Angela Milnes

    oh this looks and sounds great. So many fab finds here. We are actually going on a city cruise at some point in september and I am looking forward to it. On the Thames!

  • sauumye

    Londom & tea go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll surely bookmark this & try and visit at least one of them when I’m in London.

  • Foodtravelworld

    You have to try the afternoon tea at Sketch!!! One of our favourite places to have tea in London!!!!! https://foodtravelworld.wordpress.com/2016/08/27/sketch-most-instagrammed-toilets-in-london/