8 restaurants you must try in London/ 8 Restaurantes en Londres de visita obligada

En Londres se puede comer muy mal… por no decir fatal. Pero se puede comer bien o incluso mejor. Por otro lado, puede ser caro o muy caro; con tanta competencia y ya que hay puestos de comida, bares o restaurantes en cada esquina, que mejor que acertar sobre seguro. Últimamente la calidad en la comida es básico para mi. Cuido mucho donde voy, especialmente con los niños.  Así que he querido incluir en el blog los 8 lugares recomendables (hasta ahora) para ir a comer, que yo he probado y que no te defraudaran.

At London you can eat bad, or really bad, but you can eat well or amazing, otherwise also it can be expensive or really expensive. You probably can be so Overwhelmed with so many pubs, restaurants etc, etc and you always will want to choose the best option. It is a  priority  for me to take care a lot about  what I eat and where I eat specially with my kids, so I have  considered to  show you 8 places you were not disappointed.

Jamie’s Oliver Resturant 

Duck and Wafle


Ivy Chelsea

Shake Shak

Drake and Morgan

Bravas Tapas

The Mae Deli. This one I have never tried but I cant wait to go.  If you go to her website you will realize why.


Espero que os gusten. ¿Ya habíais venido?.¿ Tenéis alguna recomendación para mi?

I hope you like them, have you been already?, have you tried their food? which would you recommend too?

I can’t wait to discover more places.

No puedo esperar a encontrar nuevos lugares.


  • Robin Rue

    If I ever make it to London, I will keep these in mind. They all sound great.

  • Divina Sanchez

    Pues la verdad es que yo siempre he escuchado lo mal que se come en Londres, tu post me viene genial para quitarme la mala idea que tengo sobre esta gente, aunque la vez que estuve si que es verdad que tome el te en un sitio muy chulo pero restaurantes nos topamos con una pizzería el primer dia y tengo que decir que la amortizamos, la próxima vez no me pasará

  • tara pittman

    My daughter loves the Shake Shak. There is a location in Vegas where she lives.

  • Nellwyn

    We have Jamie’s Italian here is Toronto and it’s definitely delicious. I’ll have to keep the rest of your list in mind for the next time I’m in London.

  • Homemade for Elle

    If money was no object, I would travel the world and eat at every restaurant 🙂 I hope I get to visit London soon, and when I do, I will pull up this list and try a few of them!

  • Sounds like some really wonderful restaurants on this list! I’ll have to start tackling them one by one!

  • Yes! I would love to try out all these places. I love to eat.

  • Of course I would love to visit these restaurants and London! But, especially knowing ahead of time what is the best places to go, makes it just simpler.

  • I would love to visit the Duck & Waffle. It has an amazing view and looks modern. I am sure that the staff and food are the best.

  • I’ll have to keep these in mind when we do visit London. Out of all the restaurants mentioned, I’m most interested in Bravas Tapas.

  • I’m planning a first time visit to the UK and London this summer so this will come in handy.

  • Claire Santiago

    The Bravas tapas looks interesting. I heard that their lamb chops are succulent.

  • Michelle VA

    These all look like great places to eat at when visiting London. I hope to go there one day.

  • mail4rosey

    London does have a lot of great choices. It can be overwhelming like you said, so it’s nice to have suggestions for a resource.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Oooo so many tasty places to dine!!! I will definitely have to check a few of these out next time I’m in London!

  • Oh these sound like amazing places to eat at. I did go to shake shack when I was in London 🙂

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  • Lexie Lane

    We’ve been to London a few times but I haven’t tried any of these. This looks like a great list! I would definitely love to go to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant!

  • Lisa Rios

    I’ve never been to London, but I’ll bear these restaurants in mind! They sound incredibly delicious and it’s so cool you were able to go!

  • Niesha Byln

    Wow! All are great! I want this all to be taste. Looks interesting so much. And besides, London is my favorite place.

  • Jamie Oliver’s sounds interesting, never knew he had a restaurant!


  • Clark Albert Santiago

    Come discover the food in the Philippines, you’ll surely enjoy the hospitality and food =) – Kleyrr Fioenah

  • Vanesa G Arias

    Hola guapa, pues la verdad es que no dudo que estos restaurantes estén bien lo que no sé si se adaptarán a mi presupuesto porque he leído Jamie’s Oliver y ya he pensado cash cash jajaja. No obstante será cuestión de echarles un vistazo pero te propongo que hagas una selección para todos los bolsillos si esta es más de alta cocina, nos vendría genial. Muaks