Some inspirations for Mother’s day with Cath Kidston

As you know the 26th of March is mother’s day, and for me as Spanish I do not celebrate it until May, but why do not celebrate twice? we really deserve it, we are workers, mums and more than that, so why not? Since I came to UK there is a brand I felt love with,  is Cath Kidston  I think is a good chance to get some of their items in this occasion, and share some options for you too.

El día 26 de Marzo es el día de la madre en Reino Unido, voy a coger un poco de ventaja y celebrarlo este año dos veces, porque el día que se celebra en España tampoco lo voy a dejar pasar. Por que? porque si, porque nos lo merecemos. La mujer, hoy en día, es trabajadora, ama de casa y mil cosas mas, así que ¿por qué no coger la oportunidad que se me da y celebrarlo dos veces?

Desde que llegue a Inglaterra hay una marca que se llama Cath Kidston y me lleva de cabeza. Me encanta, es muy original y creo que no soy la única; aquí en Londres todo el mundo la conoce y en España no se si tanto. Creo que es una buena opción para regalar este día especial, así que aquí os dejo mi favoritos para nuestro día:

I know this post is early, still time to mother’s day, but if you use the code: Duck17   you will get free UK Standard Delivery When you spend £25, and you have time just until the 27th of February. So, this is the  perfect excuse now to buy for one of your favorite brands.

Para los demás aunque no os den el descuento la temporada nueva esta que se sale en colaboración con Disney y la ropa de niños es muy mona podeis echarle un vistazo aqui espero que os guste tanto como a mi.

Cath Kidston (UK)

I hope you find some inspiration with this post, happy shopping.


  • Really nice selection, those are some lovely bags xo

  • I was going to ask about the date. I also know that it’s celebrated in May, but yeah, no harm done in celebrating twice. Those bags and items are lovely, by the way. They’d make any mom happy.

  • Donna

    Great ideas, I adore Cath Kidston but strangely haven’t thought of there for Mother’s Day!

  • Digital Travel Guru

    Oh I love these items you have shared. Beautiful bags. ❤️

  • Jhentea Guzman

    great choices of bags! my mom loves to collect bag! they are all nice!

  • travel pogi

    i love those items! great choices! i love the bags!

  • Emma Oxley

    I love Cath Kidston, her designs are so quintessentially English. i’m sure my mother would love having coffee out of that mug in the mornings!

  • I’ve never heard of this brand before! I wonder if they are available in Canada. These would certainly make great gifts!

  • I love some of Cath Kidston’s stuff. Will show this page to my kids!

  • I’m Canadian living in the UK and I get two mother’s days too, which is kinda cool, as the Canadian one, like the Spanish one, is on a different day. I love Kath Kidston designs too.

  • Lots of floral going on! I’m sure many would love these items.

  • Womanhattan Lifestyle and Trav

    These are so cute. Escpecially the no6